Fire Proofing

Fireproofing is the application of a spray applied material to bring a designated fire rating to floors, roofs, and column assemblies. This prevents the compromise of the structural steel from a fire in the building for an allowable period of time. At temperatures of 800 - 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, steel can easily soften under the load of the building, with possible collapse.

The application of the fire proofing gives us more allotted time to not only evacuate tenants but, keep the damage of the property/ structure as minimal as possible through an event of a fire.

Fire Stopping

Fire stopping is the process used to seal all fire rated penetrations (Plumbing, Electric, Mechanical, Sprinklers, and Low-Voltage) going through fire rated walls of commercial/ residential buildings using U.L. products that have been tested and approved. The purpose of fire stopping is to contain the origin of fire and smoke within its area to allow enough time to evacuate and allow the building to maintain its integrity for a longer period of time which can vary based on the product and U.L. system being used.

Core Bore Drilling

When it becomes necessary to bore hole in a designated area for plumbing, electric or other mechanical needs, please consider hiring All Fireshield & Insulation to do the job.

All Fireshield & Insulation has the labor, ability, experience, and the right tools for the job!

Expansion Joints

This scope of work is defined as a joint that makes allowance for thermal expansion of the parts joined without distortion of the building. This is a commonly installed in buildings such as hospitals and hotels. When two parts of a building are joined together this creates friction and movement where they meet due to environmental factors. This installation process of expansion joints allows the building to maintain its integrity and control shifting by limiting movement.

Sound Insulation

Sound insulation is installed to create an ability of a building element or building structure to reduce the sound transmission through it. This is most commonly installed in residential homes within the walls of the bathrooms to prevent sounds from being heard from outside the restrooms. All fireshield and Insulation also installs insulation for exterior, interior walls and ceilings. Our certified installers have over 20 years of experience in this industry and always make sure they set the standard when it comes to quality of work, promptness and customer service.